Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Popular Photoshop Lines Tut with a Filter

This Photoshop Lines Tutorial shows up on a lot of recommended tut lists for some reason.

Playing around with filters/plugins, I found one that does something similar.

Birgits Chaos Filters
Use as Overlay Layer on top of a gradient.
Flip, Mirror, Rotate, etc the layers.
Try different gradients.
Try different Black&WhiteStrips Settings.
Add a black layer and then crop off the sides of the stripes to look more like the Photoshop tut.
Stretch, rotate with the Deform tool.
Endless variety.

An Offset filter, included in Paint Shop Pro and many other graphics software programs, will make stripes from any image.
Simple, Diamonds plugin/filter will rotate vertical stripes 45 degree angle and fill the image seamlessly.

More ideas here.
Has a link to the Birgits and Simple filters.

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