Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cars, Incredibles, Women - Movies

Satellite Pay Movie:
The Women
Mediocre blah movie, but worth a watch. The "betrayal" seemed very low-key. I expected that to be a bigger deal than it was. Surprised that Bette Midler had such a tiny role. She could have done a lot to perk up this movie which was supposed to be a comedy but fell flat. Candice Bergen and Annette Bening were good.

On ABCFamily TV, two Pixar movies.
Air again 25 Dec 08.

The Incredibles

I liked The Incredibles. Kept my attention thru the whole thing. I got a kick out their body shapes.
The character sculptor was Kent Melton.

I loved Syndrome's hair. It stayed in that same shape all the time. It was so funny.

Great logo too.

I loved Cars.

It was so full of visuals that I want to see again.

My favs were Mater the towtruck and Red the firetruck.

And then the Chewall tractors/cows were a hoot.

Good Behind the Scenes article at Motor Trend.

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