Saturday, May 11, 2013

Road Trip12

Brookings, OR Day3
To the Redwoods in CA.

Since we went down to Brookings, OR, we had to see the close-by Redwoods in CA.
I basically just wanted to wander down a trail of redwoods and that's it.
Way too much area to explore than we had time for.
The visitor center was still closed for the winter.
We were on Stout Grove loop trail.
A short trail, but it felt like you could get lost easily whenever you came to a fork in the trail indicating different routes you could take to go to trails we did not know. We just wanted to stay on the loop, but that was not easy to identify. Anyway, very easy to get disoriented and lost, IMO.
There was a group of college students on the trail near us with their professor and they were measuring some of the tree girths. I inquired and they said the largest so far was about 475 centimeters which google tells me is 15.584 feet. So probably not the biggest trees here.
I understand that these redwoods can get taller than a giant sequoia, but the giants get bigger in diameter and live longer.

2012 Visitor Guide (PDF, 4.96 MB)

So anyway, I got to hug me some redwoods! I loved them, of course. Loved the sensory experience of being among them.
I'd describe their trunks/bark as ropey and can twist as it goes up the tree.
Good photos are tough to get in this environment with the extreme high contrast, but here are a few I liked.
On the trail with people for sense of size:

A toppled over tree:

We drove down into nearby Crescent City for a bit. Went to an info center there.
Our Oregon coast trip extended down into California Crescent City and up to a little beyond Depoe Bay, OR.
Tomorrow we head back up to Yachats again, which is near Newport.

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