Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bounce Pop-up Flash and Bokeh Kit

Photos above from photojojo.

dig photo school

Bookmarked these items and plan to buy them eventually.
Blog for reference.
I did not know a person could bounce pop-up flash. Sounds like it would be a very weak flash, though, and not sure how well it would work. I'd like to try it.

Photojojo links:

Bokeh Kit
Bokeh Kit

Popu up flash bounce
Bounce Pop-up Flash
(SLRs only)
Works on my XSi Canon
Manual Mode
ISO 800
Widest Aperture (Lowest number)
Shutter Speed 1/200 - 1/160
Set Flash On
Set Flash Exposure Compensation up
Flash set to TTL metering (Thru The Lens)

I'm not familiar with TTL. Will have to look that up in my manual.

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