Sunday, May 15, 2011

Inkscape Color Wheel With Tiled Clones

How to design a color wheel in 30 second with Inkscape software.
May 15, 2010 (Yeah, exactly a year ago.)

This was fun to play with.

A few notes:
1. The original object color must be set to Unset Paint (Object Menu, Fill/Stroke) or the colors won't work. But try using a set color for fill and stroke instead of Unset Paint and see what happens.

2. Don't forget to move the center point of the object (crosshair) or the clones won't rotate around in a circle. They'll stack instead, which might give an interesting result too. (Try stacking in shades of gray.)

3. The color in the Tiled Clones Color Tab is NOT black, it is dark red (310305ff). If you want yellow at the top, use a very dark saturated yellow color (232201ff). If color is set to black you will get shades of gray not colors. Try a light color and see what happens.

4. Try setting the stroke to Unset Paint instead of the Fill and see what happens.
5. Try different shapes.
6. The video uses the Calligraphy Pen. Try the Marker Preset.

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