Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vesper Sparrow

Vesper Sparrow (Pooecetes gramineus)
I like his song.

It was a dreary rainy late morning and the SX30IS was really straining for a good exposure.
The DSLR XSi and tele were performing noticeable better.
Both photos were taken with XSi.

The SX30IS failed to focus on this isolation fence belly shot:

Sparrow markings of note for identification:
Streaks half-way down on chest.
White eyering
Rufous wing patch
Pink beak and feet
Soft patterning on the head
White outer tail feathers (which I saw when he flew away.)

"As its name suggests, it often sings in the evening twilight, though it sings actively in early morning as well."

Color Patterns
"Sparrows are some of the toughest birds to identify in North America. But notice that warm rufous patch on the shoulder and you know you have a Vesper Sparrow."

This whole section is a good read:
Bird ID Skills

"The rich, musical song of this sparrow is a most distinctive sound on rolling farmlands. Long known as the "Bay-winged Bunting," the bird was given the pleasing if somewhat inappropriate name Vesper Sparrow by the naturalist John Burroughs, who thought the song sounded more melodious in the evening."

Vesper means evening in Classical Latin.
google define

Sparrow of ND

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