Saturday, June 04, 2011

Filter Fun

Just for fun, I take a gradient or pattern or photo of mine and start adding different Effects and Plugins/Filters in Paint Shop Pro to see what I can come up with. Here are some recent favs I made:

Energy Clouds gradient
VM Natural - Instant Art, Strange Life Form 2
Under The Sea:

Graphic pattern and Feedback Effect:

Leafy photo with Alf's Zoom Blur and Channel Spin:

Dots Pattern Fill, Andrews 13 - Wet Day, Wet Saturday Afternoon, Weird Angles

Filter Factory Gallery A - Sabers Explosion One and Triangular Mosaic Filter, Filters Unlimited- Aged Film, Kaleidoscope Effect

Gradient, VM Distortion - Distortion By Brightness, Filter Factory Gallery A - Triangular Mosaic

VM Extravaganza - Biohazard on a graphic pattern:

VM Instant Art - Origami (original image does not matter):

Dots Pattern Fill, Andrews Filter 9 - Mind Explosive, Radial Blur Effect
Planets Spin:

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