Friday, November 05, 2010

Backyard Visitor

Strolling thru the backyard...

Grab the camera and run out the door.
Not a very good pic, but happy to get something rather than nothing.
Almost looks like a dog, doesn't it.
The bushy tail gives it away (white tip not seen on photo).

Red Fox Vulpes vulpes (Vulpes fulva)

"Even when fairly common, it may be difficult to observe, as it is shy, nervous, and primarily nocturnal (though it may be abroad near dawn or dusk or on dark days)."

This was about 10 am. So maybe a little unusual to be out at that time? He did not look shy or nervous to me. Looked right at me and just kept moving as usual. Maybe intent on some possible food?

npwrc nd mammals

Some of the regular visitors right now are a blue jay, which I hear screech but don't see, a magpie, which I do usually see, and still some hearty robins hanging around in cool November.

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