Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Longfellow, Tennyson, Browning

Here's another book I dug out of the online archives that I thought was worth a look.

Companion poets:
Illustrated. Longfellow's Household poems. Tennyson's Songs for all seasons. Browning's Lyrics of life.
J.R. Osgood and Company, 1871
("Companion poets" may be a series of them featuring different poets?)

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
(b. 27 Feb 1807 – d. 24 Mar 1882)
No pic in the book, but I really liked his big eyes on this photo at wiki (circa 1850). (I cropped, lightened and softened it.)

Here's a sample Longfellow poem and illustration from the book:

(Some of the links are to poems, some are to information about the poems. Depends on what I wanted to document.)

1831 - Married Mary Storer Potter
1835 - Mary died.
1836 - Meets Frances (Fanny) Appleton
1839 - A psalm of Life
1843 - Marries Fanny
1845 - The Evening Star (Hesperus) in reference to 2nd wife.)
1845 - Mezzo Cammin (Struggles in his middle years.)
1850 -The Open Window
1855 - Song of Hiawatha (Short extract title Hiawatha's Childhood)
1861 - Fanny died (burn accident)
1867 - Dante's Divine Comedy translation (gutenberg and google books)
1879 - The Cross of Snow (grief)
“'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.”
—Alfred Tennyson
In Memoriam (Canto 27)

Alfred Tennyson
(6 Aug 1809 – 6 Oct 1892)

Nice pic of Tennyson from book:

1829 - Met Arthur Hallam
1833 - The Lady of Shalott First Version
1833 - Arthur Hallam died
1850 - In Memoriam (to the memory of Arthur Hallam)
1854 - Charge of the Light Brigade (YouTube)
1889 - Crossing the Bar (YouTube)

Tennyson's Handwriting

Robert Browning
(b. 7 May 1812 – d. 12 Dec 1889)

Pic from book:

About the most interesting thing about him was he married Elizabeth. :)
1846 - Married Elizabeth Barrett Browning
(b. 6 Mar 1806 – d. 29 Jun 1861)

He is best known for "The Ring and the Book" and 'The Pied Piper of Hamelin' dramatic lyrics.

I got sidetracked...
Poetry Animations at YouTube.
These are interesting.
716 videos!
A lot of them were good. Some not so good.

UPDATE 11Jan13
Poetry Animations
is now
Poetry Reincarnations.

Dead Links, but wanted to keep the list. Probably at the new user's site.

Here's specific ones to try:
Longfellow - Tide Rises
Longfellow - The Day Is Done
Poe - The Raven
Emerson - Goodbye
Dickinson - Great Pain
Keats - Fears
Keats Love Letter

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