Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Walk In November

Finally got out for a walk along the river, Sunday, 8 Nov 09.
I missed it.

The Canada Geese were on the move.
Saw lots of flocks high in the sky.

I was just messin' around in Paint Shop Pro 9 to see what I could do to make them a little more interesting.

Screen and Soft Light Layering modes to lighten, Curves to increase blue tone, Clarify for more cloud details.

And this one:

Same stuff as above only,
Add a vignette and a negative blue tone with Black and White Points Effect.
I like it.
It's certainly different.

It was fun to take pictures just so I know what it was like out that day, even though there isn't much out there interesting in November.


Chris said...

Nice pics!

suziam48 said...

Awesome! I have the Canon S5 IS and it doesn't take pictures this clear. I love your Paint Shop editing!

Marilyn said...

Chris and suziam48,
Thanks for leaving a comment.
Yes, those pics were taken with my S3 Canon. I love that little camera.