Monday, November 30, 2009

Mt Lion Shot in Bismarck City Limits

Mountain lion shot in Bismarck
(Larger pic at site.)

There have been other close calls within the state.
Search Bismarck Tribune archives for "mountain lion" and there are more articles on the topic.
To name a few:
Dawson and New Salem in Nov 06.
Washburn in Oct 06.
Maah Heeh Day Trail, Medora in Jun 05.

Friday, 27 Nov 09
Sighted 6:30 pm
Shot 7:30 pm

Near the former Home Depot Building in north Bismarck.

If you google map
Stan Puklich Chevrolet
3701 State St, Bismarck, ND
you'll be looking at the East Calgary Avenue area where the mt lion was.
(Hwy 83 and Kmart exit off I94, then North.)
There are a lots of residences out there. A big trailer park. Yikes.

100-pound full-grown male mountain lion measuring six feet long.

"the first time in NDGF history that a cougar was taken out in city limits anywhere in the state."

NDGF = North Dakota Game & Fish

"What happens on the scarce chance you meet a cougar on foot?
"Don't run away from it. Don't go towards it. Just stand your ground and face it."

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