Monday, November 02, 2009

Everwood DVD's

Everwood Season 2 was finally released on DVD this year, so I bought Season 1 and Season 2 DVD's and loved that show every bit as much as when I watched it on TV for the first time (which were reruns). I'd probably buy all the Seasons if/when they become available.

I didn't get to see Season 1 on TV, so the DVD was my first watch of that season. I wasn't all that interested in the Colin storyline. There was more info on Andy's deceased wife which I'm glad to have. I learned why he moved to Everwood, why he grew a beard, why he didn't charge a fee for his services. All having to do with his deceased wife.

epi 108, in church, talking to God.

DR. BROWN: I'm surprised this place isn't falling down right now. [gathering his thoughts] Just over eight months ago, that was the last time I knew life was worth living. All my dreams died with Julia. I wake up every morning and wish I was still asleep. See, the thing is I... my heart's still pumping and I'm still breathing. I still move in the world but, I've lost my joy.

We don't talk a lot. I don't complain to you. I don't ask for favors. I don't whine about fairness. And I never believed that you owed me anything. But I am telling you right now, I have got nothing left. I used to have a gift. Now everything I touch, everyone I touch I-is just as broken as I am. I've got two kids, who need a mother and a father. These days, I'm not much use to anyone. Let alone them. I thought I knew what you needed from me. I thought I knew what my life was about. I don't know anything. [crying] You've gotta help me. Please give me my joy back.

epi 116

DR. TROTT: I think that there's something inside of you that you need to express. You have all these thoughts about your wife. The love that you had for her. The life that you shared together. And all the things that you couldn't say. Write it down, all of it. Write a letter to her. And try, try as hard as you can to find some peace. There's a beautiful world out there, Andy. And it's happening right now.

Loved the scenery.

Lots of funny scenes with Dr. Abbott.

Everwood Transcripts


Everwood Season 3 on DVD, June 2010.

There are 4 seasons in all.

I guess they changed the music on the DVD's? (See forum.)

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