Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Year of the Butterfly

What is going on with the butterflies this spring?
They are arriving unusually early and there is a lot of them.
I took photos and managed to capture four different species in a matter of minutes. All blogged previously, so details there.

(Photo Top left, then clockwise: Monarch, Red Admiral, Painted Lady, Mourning Cloak.)

They were just all over the place, mostly landing on the dandelions, probably because there isn't much else out there yet.
The monarchs looked kinda rough/ragged when I examined the photos close up.
This was about 10am Saturday 12May12. It was beautiful out. Calm, clear, in the 50's maybe.

I tried googling:
and did find some talk on the topic.

A few links:
red admirals

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