Sunday, November 02, 2008

Andrew Filters

I'm trying out Andrew filters.
There are 60 sets and about 20 filters in each set, so it's taking me like forever, man.

But it's fun.
I just run a filter on a Paint Shop Pro 9 stock pattern fill and if I like something in the result I'll play with it a while.
It's like getting an underpainting start to your art.
I learned new painting techniques from playing around with the warp brush settings.

The images above were made from Andrew Filters set 28, Sooty filter, which had lots of pink, gray white in it.
I made the floral impressions with warp brush contract/expand/noise settings.
For final touches, I enhanced the edges and added borders.

These would make pretty notecards if you print them out to fit on bottom right quarter of paper, then fold.

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