Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Inkscape 0.46

The new Inkscape version 0.46 for Windows just came out this month of April. I downloaded and installed it over the weekend, so I am preoccupied with that.

Wow, things have changed since I last was into Inkscape.

I'm hunting down relevant links and comparing old to new versions to see what's new. A LOT, evidently.

Inkscape 0.46 Release Notes
Tutorial listings
Inkscape Forum

Inkscape 0.45 Manual
New Section on 0.46 Filters

I don't think I ever blogged this clock, made by the same person who wrote the manual.
An svg file version of the clock is included with Inkscape software in Inkscape\share\examples, but the link above displays it animated within Firefox browser.
Also look in Drawings folder for more stuff.

There is an Inkscape tutorial blog now, yay.
Inkscape Tutorials Blog

I see there's a tiled clone mosaic tut there like the one I did a while back, here.
(Tile Clones - MuRa's Meister Copies free plugin will do something similar in Paint Shop Pro. No link, Google it.)

Downloadable Video Tutorials

Episode 058 - Filter Effects
Wow. There's no way I'd figure that out on my own. Read the comments and you'll find an *.svg file that has a bunch of effects examples in it. Nice!
More Inkscape Examples
(Sort by age and you'll find the effects example file listed on top,
filename: inkscape_filters.svg)

Episode 049 - Sunbursts
I created rays with tiled clones here.
This video is a lot more detailed than I went into, but I see it has the same core idea of using tiled clones.

A bunch of gradients
I think they are just GIMP gradients *.ggr so might be easily available elsewhere on the Net where the GIMP people hang out.
Import within Inkscape via File, Import.
You want zipped file: ggr-grads-0_4c.7z (I unzipped with TUGZip.)
There's also a previews pdf file: ggr-grads-preview-0_4.zip

Well, I'll be busy with Inkscape for a while.
Will probably post more stuff for future reference.

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