Monday, September 10, 2007

Signs of Autumn

This was taken on the 9th of September.
The leaves are in their prime. Luscious colors.
Made my current header image out of it.

Some trees started turning color the end of August.
Unusually early for this area.
I think we had some cold mornings, maybe even a frost in some areas?
Maybe that's what did it.
Usually autumn is at its peak some time after the 21st of September.

I just adore the autumn season and hope to get lots of photos.


Bond Family Blog said...

Your photos are great. I'm from Georgia. I happened upon your site in searching for land in Hazelton. My husband and I are considering moving there.

Marilyn said...

Hi Kandy,

Thanks for commenting and telling me how you found my blog.

Hazelton - Yes, I posted an article on the free land offer back in Feb 06.

I like to check the forum discussions at for travel info.
You can find people inquiring about moving to North Dakota there, if you are interested.
Here's the link for North Dakota.
There might be some discussion of Hazelton there?

Best wishes for whatever you decide.