Monday, February 11, 2008

Science of Orgasm

More articles from LA Times, only a different topic.
Good reads.
Gee, I'll have to visit the LA Times website more often.
I thought the illustrative pic above from the Times was pretty cool.

Science of the orgasm
"How, for example, can they explain the fact that some men and women who are paralyzed and numb below the waist are able to have orgasms?"

"And how on Earth to explain the case of the amputee who felt his orgasms centered in that missing foot?"

Call him doctor 'Orgasmatron'
Dr. Stuart Meloy never set out to study orgasms. It was an accident.
He was in the operating room one day in 1998, implanting electrodes into a patient's spine to treat her chronic leg pain. (The electrodes are connected to a device that fires impulses to the brain to block pain signals.) But when he turned on the power, "the patient suddenly let out something between a shriek and moan," says Meloy, an anesthesiologist and pain specialist in North Carolina.
Asked what was wrong, she replied, "You'll have to teach my husband how to do that."
Meloy moved the electrodes until he found the correct, pain-numbing position on the spine. "I went home, had a funny story to tell my wife," he says.

Benefits 'O'-verall

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