Sunday, October 07, 2007

Signs of Autumn11 - The Great Blue, Migrant

The Great Blue Heron is back!

Haven't seen him all summer. He likes to hang out at this one spot down by the river in the spring and autumn. I hope to get more opportunities to take his picture and hopefully get an even better sharper picture of him. He just stands there real still, never moving, never saying anything, you almost think he's a statue instead of the real thing!

NOTE: Boy, I'm glad he never says anything. His sound is pretty awful. LOL

My ND bird book says they migrate out of here in the winter? I'll see how long he sticks around this autumn.

Listen to the Great Blue at:

A migrant!

White-crowned sparrow.
Movin on thru from Canada or Alaska to Southern or Western US, I think.
Only see this bird during migration here in North Dakota.


Both pictures taken 5 Oct 07.
I've taken almost 4,000 pictures as of 7 Oct 07 with my Canon S3 IS I bought in July 2007.

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